1.Electrical Power Saving
LED lighting system saves electrical power, 80% compared with incandescent bulb, 50% compared with compact fluorescent lamp, 60% compared with fluorescent lamp, 75% compared with halogen lamp, 80% compared with mercury gas lamp, and 65% compared with high pressure sodium lamp.

2.Durable Lifetime
LED has lifetime up to 50,000 hours. System lifetime for LED lamp is over 20,000 hours. Compared with the lifetimes of other lamps, incandescent lamp has 1,000 hours, halogen lamp has 2,000 hours, fluorescent lamp has 2,000 hours, compact fluorescent lamp has 6,000 hours, mercury gas lamp has 8,000 hours, and high pressure sodium lamp has 12,000 hours.

3.Green Material Usage
Our LED lamps meet ETL and UL standards and contains no hazardous solid, liquid or gas. It does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium or xenon gas.

4.Low Carbon Dioxide Release
Prevent generating warming effect.

5.No UV Light
Does not destroy objects lighted, does not cause freckles and solar lentigines.

6.No IR Light
Does not radiate heat, demand less air conditioning.

7.Cold Light
Does influence plant growth.

8.Selectable Color Temperature
Warm white to cold white LED is available from 2,600K to 6,000K.

9.Supreme Safety
Low DC current and voltage.

10.Direct Light
No light pollution.

11.No EM (Electromagnetic) and No RF(Radio Frequency)
Does not cause Migraines.

Light diffusers or conductors integrated for anti-glazing and eye safety.

13.Comfortable Light Pattern and Optimal Lumen
Homogenous lighting, no light pressure.

14.High Light Source and System Efficiency
Performance of light source and system efficiency for LED lighting surpasses than any other traditional lighting.

15.Low Maintenance Expense
Long lifetime reduces replacement expense. Stable system reduces maintenance expense. Low power consumption reduces set up cost.

16.Better CRI (Color Rendering Index)
LED lighting has better CRI than mercury gas, high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium and HID lamps.

17.Positive Health Effects
Started in one milli-second, no glistening, no high power discharged for protecting eyes and brain.

18.Colorful and Emotion
RGB mixing and control for colorful and emotion lighting.

19.Miniature LED Volume
Shock resistant.

20.No Light Decay in Extreme Low Temperature
Fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamp have highly lighting decay at low temperature.