LEDworx use state of the art computer simulations to make the choice and placement of your luminaire effortless.

The client supplies us with the dimensions or CAD drawings and we will create a 3-dimensional simulation of how your facility will be illuminated. The benefits of this simulation include:

  • Simple, effective and professional light planning.
  • Optimal placement and configuration of your luminaires according to your lighting specifications.
  • Actual ray tracing – see where the lights will shine.
  • See the difference in light reflection when planning your facility.
  • Ability to switch on and off individual light sets.
  • Ability to dim and bright individual light sets.
  • Comparison between conventional and LED lighting.
  • Engineer and construction plans generated automatically.
  • Coloured light scenes with LED or other colour changing luminaires.
  • Planning whole buildings including outdoor spaces.
  • Sports stadium lighting to comply with international lighting standards for television broadcasts.