Although most lamps emit “white” light, this can vary from a cozy “warm” white to a “cold” white according to the “colour temperature” of the lamp. The following chart shows the code numbers used for some of the most popular types:-


Colour Temp Colour Code Designation Application
2700 827 Warm White,
Extra Warm White,
or Interna
Similar light to “normal” incandescent bulbs, giving a warm “cozy” feel
3000 830 Warm White The colour of most halogen lamps. Appears slightly “whiter” than ordinary incandescent lamps.
3500 835 White The standard colour for many fluorescent and compact fluorescent tubes.
4000 840 Neutral White Gives a more clinical or “high tech” feel.
6000 860 Cool White Fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamps simulating natural daylight.
6500 865 Cool Daylight


(Pure White)

Extremely “white” light used in specialist daylight lamps.