LED Comparison Tables

Below you can view what type of LED solution will replace your current traditional lights. 99% of LED lights is compatible with your current sockets and it only a matter of seconds for you to change the lights and start saving.

LED Tubes Fluorescent Equivalent Energy Savings
600mm (2 Foot) LED Tube – 8 Watts 600mm 18W Fluorescent Tube 55%
900mm (3 Foot) LED Tube – 14 Watts 900mm 24W Fluorescent Tube 58%
1200mm (4 Foot) LED Tube – 18 Watts 1200mm 36W Fluorescent Tube 50%
1500mm (5 Foot) LED Tube – 22 Watts 1500mm 58W Fluorescent Tube 65%


LED Floodlights Conventional Floodlight Energy Savings
10W LED Flood Light 100W Halogen 90%
20W LED Flood Light 150W Halogen 86%
30W LED Flood Light 250W Halogen 88%
50W LED Flood Light 350W Halogen 85%
100W LED Flood Light 500W Halogen 80%


LED Bulbs Conventional Floodlight Energy Savings
5W LED Bulb 45W Incandescent 88%
7W LED Bulb 60W Incandescent 88%
10W LED Bulb 100W Halogen 90%
R50 5W LED Bulb 40W Incandescent 87%
R80 9W LED Bulb 70W Halogen 87%